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Ixia-c & Elastic Network Generator

Agile and composable network test system designed for continuous integration

Community Edition

First in its class Ixia-c Community Edition of the Elastic Network Generator with BGP emulation and full set traffic capabilities limited by scale and performance is available to anyone without registration and at no cost.

OTG Examples

Explore otg-examples library to get hands-on experience with using Open Traffic Generator and Ixia-c. With a minimum Linux host or VM you can be running your first network data and control plane validation scenarios in minutes.

Key Features

  • Software multi-container application:
    • runs on Linux x86 compute,
    • includes software traffic generation and protocol emulation capabilities,
    • built using DPDK to generate high traffic rates on a single CPU core,
    • can control Keysight network test hardware.
  • Easily integrates into CI/CD pipelines like GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins.
  • Supports test frameworks like Pytest or Golang test.
  • Emulates key data center protocols with high scale of sessions and routes:
    • capable of leveraging 3rd party libraries to add unsupported packet formats,
    • provides patterns to modify common packet header fields to generate millions of unique packets.
  • Supports:
    • configurable frame sizes,
    • rate specification in pps (packets per second) or % line-rate,
    • ability to send traffic bursts.
  • Statistics:
    • per port and per flow,
    • tracks flows based on common packet header fields,
    • one way latency measurements (min, max, average) on a per flow basis,
    • capture packets and write to PCAP or analyze in the test logic.

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