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  • Supported protocol headers are ethernet, ipv4, ipv6, vlan, tcp, udp, gtpv1, gtpv2, arp, icmp and custom.
  • fixed_packets, fixed_seconds,continuous and burst are supported for flow duration (fixed number of burst is not supported).
  • Size of the packet must be a value greater than or equal to 64 bytes.
  • Setting random frame size is not supported.
  • Only value, values,increment and decrement patterns are supported for Protocol Header fields.
  • A maximum of 4 increment, decrement and values patterns are supported per flow.
  • A maximum of 500K list entries are supported per list pattern, per flow.
  • A maximum of 256 flows for a given tx-rx port pair is supported.
  • Statistics based on ingress_result_name is not supported.
  • Tx statistics for flow results is not supported.
  • Starting or stopping transmit on selected flows is not supported. Pausing flows is not supported.
  • lags, devices and options in Config are not supported.
  • Only speed, promiscuous and mtu settings are supported in Layer1.
  • In Centos 7+, with Python 2.7+, virtualenv creation fails due to a known limitation ( It can be avoided by upgrading pip and then